Soundtrack to a Buried World - Mysteriam

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Newest collaboration of Bunny and Corbett Lunsford of Mysteriam (vocalist on "Tell Me What to Do")
"Soundtrack to a Buried World" is our Sci-fi concept album. Fiercely original, fresh, deep and dark.
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Purchase Bunny’s new album Tell Me What to Do

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Tell Me What to Do features lush vocals juxtaposed with deep and funky grooves. There is something for everyone on this album: quirkiness, vintage tones and unexpected production. Savor this album in quality headphones or crank it on your hi-fi! *The CD package features a full-color 12-page booklet with lyrics and photos!
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Then pick up More Art for the World

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More Art for the World is expansive worldly music. Sometimes complex, sometimes funky or ethnic-y - always eclectic - embracing a variety of acoustic and electric sounds/textures. No samples or loops here. Mostly instrumental.
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