Hard To Sleep
Freed From The Cage
Power (A Message from God) These lyrics are inspired by a passage from Tariq Ali's Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree which details the anguish a Spanish Moor experiences having witnessed the burning of Arabic libraries and so much collected wisdom during Granada’s fall to Catholic conquistadors.
Tuesday Night Kubla-Khanned or An Inspirational & Functional Addiction. This song concerns itself with a brilliant writer who is able to maintain an opium habit along with his “wonder-boy” status at work.
Nostalgia - Sad and happy together again. Like sweet and savory? Lyrics co-written with my brother Bill. The main percussion at the end is a plastic cooler played with a mallet and a jigsaw puzzle box as a shaker.
The Minimalist was vaguely inspired by an episode of “Absolutely Fabulous.”
Older music (different, good!)
Something for Everyone Co-written by Anthony Gravino and me. Never released.
Napalm is a romping anti-war tune. It visits at least 3 different realities that an American soldier in Vietnam might have experienced: unimaginable rage and remorse over what he has done and seen, a barely-lucid dream/denial state, and a reflection of American pop music at that time, and the impact that music may have had on those at war.
The Arcade Version – “Real real big love!” The arcade version is always better than the home version. Better yet, don’t even play video games at home.
Her Inspiration Was a Broken Piano
- Future shock! Go!
The Vanguard - Dedicated to the best, brightest, toughest, edgiest.